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Power Centers

The PPC Pure Power Center is a 6 outlet power extension strip designed to mate sonically with our Balanced Power Isolators. It can also be used as an extremely high quality stand-alone extension strip for non-BPT owners. This unit offers the same unmatched performance level of our other units at an affordable price and will easily surpass the performance of comparable models from all other audio manufacturers. The secret lies in our no compromise pure copper chassis that creates an impenetrable RF barrier. No chokes, filters, surge suppression, switches or lights are added for an absolutely pure high current connection.…

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System Cabling

Designed to work in concert with our balanced power isolators, BPT power cords are hand-assembled in a proprietary configuration using the finest parts available. They look great and custom lengths are available. Power cords may be ordered with 15 or 20-amp IEC and 15 or 20-amp AC plugs.

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Ultra Isolators

The BPT Ultra Isolator Series products all share the following features: Custom low-noise, low temperature-rise, tight load regulation, high-isolation type toroidal  transformers from Plitron Manufacturing Perfectly balanced** for maximum CMR [Common Mode Rejection] Four stages of EMI/RFI filtration to ensure ultra-low background noise Copper foil laminate between primary and secondary windings to reduce capacitive coupling and provide additional filtering--the BP-10.5 also has copper foil laminate between each of the five pairs of secondary windings On/Off Carling magnetic circuit breaker switch to protect from current overload Separate EMI/RFI filtering of incoming standard/unbalanced AC and outgoing/balanced AC Multiple layers of grain oriented steel…

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Accessories & Mods

Signature Mod (digital section) includes: * Replace power supply capacitors in the localized power supply feeding the digital section with extremely low ESR Nichicon capacitors for reduced noise and super low impedance even at high frequencies. * Add our Cap-Pak to the digital power supply creating a low impedance, extremely stiff power pathway. * Add polystyrene bypass capacitors to the power supply for improved high frequency performance. Replace the 40 pin ribbon connection cables between the hard drive to digital board and from the CDRW drive to the digital board with our custom high speed silver/copper/Teflon 80 wire ribbon cables.…

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Award Winning Audiophile Power Conditioners, Cables & More

Clean AC Power

BPT will be closed from Oct. 13th-18 while exhibiting at RMAF 2010 in Denver, Co.  

The benefits of balanced AC power delivery to your home theater or audiophile two-channel system lies in the broad-band elimination of a wide range of noise:

  • From your air conditioner/furnace/refrigerator motors

  • fluorescent lighting

  • dimmer switches

  • personal computers

  • and radio frequency signals picked up by the power lines/cords acting as antennae.

This garbage invades your entire audio/video system through their power supplies and raises the noise floor of your entire system.

The Choice is Yours

BPT features several fully balanced AC isolator models to suit any audio or video system. In addition, we offer our BPT power cords to perfectly complement our power line products. Working together, they form the perfect low noise, high current power source for your audio, home theater, guitar amplifier, PA system or video sources. Custom designs are also available!

BPT brings the advanced technology of Balanced AC Power used by NASA, The National Bureau Of Standards, ABC Television and professional recording studios, to your home. Now everyone can afford the high performance benefits of clean, low noise AC power.

BPT offers "state of the art" interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, isolation devices, modifications and accessories to complete your high-end music or video system. Our products offer a synergy that will raise the performance level of any system.

Our Pledge

No other single purchase (better or more expensive amplifier, preamp, audiophile cables etc.) will make a more fundamental, far-reaching musical improvement to your entire system, top to bottom, than a balanced power isolator from BPT--the value leader. 

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." (Warren Buffett)


What is Balanced Power?

The cancellation of unwanted noise by CMR (Common Mode Rejection) is only possible via balanced AC power.

A balanced isolation transformer (what's used inside our conditioners) splits the standard incoming +120V (hot) / +0V (neutral) AC into +60V (hot) / -60V (neutral) components and cancels anything but the pure AC power sine wave.

Your equipment sees a summed 120V source, but the result of CMR is a dramatically lowered noise floor, an improvement in system performance that you can see and hear.